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    My Purpose is to facilitate growth in others so that they can LIVE FOR MORE. Through my curiosity and genuine desire to help people, I create a safe and trusted place so that growth can take place. I Facilitate growth by speaking with candor, giving pointed counsel and unwavering support to my clients.


    I Champion individuals and organizations towards their potential through coaching, group coaching and speaking around proven leadership principles.


    I am a husband to my beautiful bride Jaclyn. We are proud parents of 5 amazing children. I often say "Brawn Lide father of five".


    My family is my leadership development program, they inspire me to grow daily.


    • Freedom
    • Forgiveness
    • Faith
  • Training and Certifications

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    John Maxwell Team - Executive Director

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    Personality Insights DISC Certification

    Robert Rohm

    Robert Rohm helped me understand how to use the profile system as a wellness model. This positive approach has helped me to bring light to this subject. This certification helped me understand myself and others better than I ever have in the past.

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    John Maxwell Team

    A founding Partner of the John Maxwell Team

    Investing in the John Maxwell Team Training and then continuing to invest in mentorship from John Maxwell and the faculty has been the best investment I have made to date. Being Mentored on consistent basis by John Maxwell for the last 5 years has grown me tremendously. Success is found in your daily agenda!

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    48 Days Certified Coach

    Certified by Dan Miller of 48 days to the work you Love.

    Dan Miller and his family have been mentoring me since 2007. Listening to and studying his material helped me transition into doing what I love. I facilitate workshops around his material and have gone through his Coaching Mastery program to continue to help me grow into the most effective coach for each of my clients.